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Hair Replacement

It can feel like it over night, or it can happen of the course of your adult life, but no matter how it happens, it still happens. This is the reality of hair loss and it sucks.

For 99.9% of human history there was really nothing a man could do if he lost his hair, it just went away and the only option was wearing a hat or something. That is until now. While there is still no surefire way to grow your hair back, you still have some options.

It's a little disappointing that humanity has spent so much time, putting a man on the moon and building better air fresheners when so many men and women suffer from the humiliating effects of hair loss.

Well, now that the cold war is over and there is really no reason to launch people into space, humanity has switched gears and is now spending a little more time on itself. Scientists are now spending their time in labs and doing experiments that serve to make people lives better, this includes creating a host of new techniques to stop, slowdown and reverse the effects of hair loss.

From topical solutions, to transplants to pills to massage techniques the world of hair loss prevention is changing. If you are suffering from hair loss the following options are now available to you:

  • Hair Replacement Surgery
  • Hair Integration Systems
  • Non-Surgical Hair Replacement
  • Laser Hair Replacement
  • Female Hair Replacement
  • Hormone Replacement

So there is hope. Who knows, maybe all that time in space actually yielded a cure for hair loss because that's the only reason I can see why people would bother going up there.

So if you do suffer from hair loss do not fret, calm down. First of all women will still find you attractive if you have very little hair. with so many bald men out there what choice to they really have. Women get lonely too.

Naturally though, if you have a nice head of hair this only gives you a bigger advantage in life, who can resist a man with a thick crop of hair?

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